Display and send the full headers of an email message

If you need to get and copy the information in an email with full headers:

  1. Follow the appropriate instructions below to first display the message headers.
    • Microsoft Outlook for Windows: Double-click the message to open it in a new window. Select the File tab, and then, at the bottom, click Properties. The data is next to Internet headers.
    • Outlook Web App (OWA): Double-click the message to open it. Click the options icon (three dots near the top right), and then click View Message Details.
    • Mail (Microsoft Store App): The Windows 10 Mail client is lightweight and not fully featured. Viewing email headers in Mail is not possible at this time.
    • Outlook for macOS: In your Inbox (or other folder), right-click or control-click the message, and then select View Source.
    • Thunderbird (Windows, macOS): Click View, select Headers, and then choose All.
    • Mail (macOS): With the message selected, from the View menu, select Message, and then select either All Headers or Long Headers.
    • Imail: Select the message, click the down arrow in the upper right corner, and then select View message details.
    • Gmail at IU: See Trace an email with its full headers .
  2. Copy and paste that information into the email message you wish to send.